When you need extraordinary party catering on Staten Island or in Bayonne, NJ, Da Noi Restaurants are always the perfect location. We have a reputation for planning, preparing and perfectly presenting everything for every type of event from engagement parties to baby showers, and bithday parties to weddings. We aim to make each event a memorable happening that will have your guests singing praises of for years to come!

1st Course: Salad

Mixed Field Green Salad

oil and balsamic dressing

1st Course: Salad

Mixed Field Green Salad

oil and balsamic dressing

2nd Course: Appetizer

Combination Of Two

Farfalle Bolognese

bowtie with meat sauce

Rigatoni Amatriciana

onion, bacon & plum tomato sauce

Oriecchietta ai Broccoli

shell shaped pasta w/ broccoli & plum tomatoes

Rotollo Montonara

similar to vegetarian lasagna

Penne ai Filetti di Pomodori

ziti with plum tomatoes & basil

Fusilli alle Melanzane

corkscrew pasta with eggplant, dry ricotta & tomatoes

Penne Rigati alla Vodka

ziti with vodka sauce

Gnocchi Quattro Formaggio

basil potato dumplings in a 4 cheese cream sauce

Penne Affumigate

ziti with eggplant and smoked mozzarella in a pink sauce

Ravioli Piemontese

ricotta cheese ravioli in a pink sauce

3rd Course: Chicken, Veal & Seafood

Choice of Three

Pollo Melanzane

chicken peices, eggplant, tomatoes

Pollo Francese

chicken breast with lemon & white wine

Pollo al Nonno Parmeggiano

cutlet topped with mushrooms, ham & tomatoes with cheese

Pollo Martini (Add $2)

chicken breast encrusted in parmigiano, white wine, and lemon

Filet Sole Muniere or Any Style

boneless sole with lemon, white wine & butter

Veal Capricciosa

cutlet topped with tomto salad & melted cheese

Veal Pepper & Mushrooms

scalloppini sauteed with pepper & mushroom

Veal Marsala

scalloppini sauteed with marsala wine and mushroom

Salmone Livornese (Add $2.50)

salmon sauteed with onions, capers, olives & tomato

Tilapia Oreganata

Tilapia with bread crumbs with lemon & white wine

served with

Fresh Vegetables & Sweet Dough Croquets

Bread & Butter

4th Course: Dessert

Tiramisu & Ricotta Italian Cheese Cake Combination (Homemade)

Coffee & Tea


Veal Martini

Filet Sole Crab Meat

Branzino (Sea Bass) Balsamico

Red Snapper Origanata

add $8.00 per person

Veal Chop Salvia

Baby Rack of Lamb

Filet Mignon

Lobster Tail Fra Diavolo

add $14 per person


Open Bar

$15 per person / $16 on Friday / $18 On Saturday (Non-Premium Liquor)

Beer, Wine & Soda

$10.50 per person / $14.00 per person on Friday & Saturday (Coors Light & Bud)

Unlimited Soda

$4.00 per person

Champagne Toast

$2.50 per person

Cappuccino / Expresso

$2.50 per person

Ask about Family Style Hot or Cold Antipasto


Per Person

Monday to Friday Afternoons

$22.95 + 8.325% Tax + 18% Gratuity (Includes Soda)

Weekday Nights & Weekend Afternoons

$26.95 + 8.875% Tax + 18% Gratuity

Friday Night

$27.95 + 8.875% Tax + 20% Gratuity

Saturday Night

$28.95 + 8.875% Tax + 20% Gratuity (Minimum 50 People)

a non-refundable deposit of $250 is required in advance on all parties